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International Youth Ambassador Exchange Program of the Ministry of Education

  • 2020-03-08
Inform the Ministry of Education

Regarding the selection of the "International Youth Ambassador Exchange Program" conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this year (109), please encourage students to sign up for it. Please check the photos.

  1.  According to the Foreign Ministry’s Letter No. 10993502380 dated March 3, 109.
  2.  The project will accept applications from March 3 to April 30. Students under the age of 35 who are currently studying in Chinese universities and colleges and have the nationality of the Republic of China are welcome to participate in the selection. In addition to welcoming students who are proficient in English, Thai and Indonesian to participate in the selection, students majoring in social work, information, science and engineering, medicine, and communication are also encouraged to sign up.
  3.  The following procedures must be completed to participate in the selection:                                                                                            1) Go to the "NGO Bilingual Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" ( or the "Global Information Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China" ( or the "Taiwan Youth FUN Eye World" ( And other websites to download the plan selection announcement and registration form.                                  2) Go to the registration website ( to fill in the online registration information.                3) The registration documents should be mailed by registered mail to the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs 109 International Youth Ambassador Exchange Program Task Force" before April 30 (the mailing address will be announced separately in mid-March this year).