Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs,FGU

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Staffs of The Office of International and Cross-Straits Affairs

Staffs of The Office of International and Cross-Straits Affairs
Unit/Title Name/Title Ext./e-mail Administration
Dean Prof. Shang-Mao Chen  12500
Integrated International and Cross-Strait Affairs
Deputy Dean Prof. Yu-Lun Hsu 12501
Associate and integrated International and Cross-Strait Affairs
Cross-Strait Cooperation and Exchange Center Direct
Prof. Yi-Chun Yeh
Integrated Cross-Strait Affairs
  1. Drafting and dispatching the admissions guidelines for short-term exchange students from China.
  2. Budget control and execution of each seminar (including instructor's fee, faculty management fee, class management fee, essay contest prize, etc.)
  3. Application materials of exchange students/teachers  review (Mainland China Short-term Exchange Student Application System).
  4. Administer and implement the tuition fee information uploading system for exchange students (Cooperative Depository Tuition Fee Collection System, Cooperative Vault Student Payment System).
  5. Airport Pick-up and drop-off service for exchange students and teachers.
  6. Registration, medical examination, housing payment, student ID card, iPASS-card, etc. for each semester for Mainland China exchange students
  7. Exchange student insurance and insurance claim applications.
  8. Organize activities for each semester (orientation, welcome party, midterm seminar, essay contest, field trips, graduation ceremony, etc.).
  9. Counselling and handling of exchange students' daily life in Taiwan.
  10. Produce a certificate of completion, a certificate of honor and a certificate of exchange of teachers for each issue of exchange students.
  11. Compile and send out semester transcripts and assist with English transcript applications.
  12. Refund of accommodation deposit for end-of-semester exchange students and exchange teachers
  13. Exchange of teachers to Taiwan for business matching
  14. Taiwan Entry Permit Application for Mainland Exchange Students
  15. Inter-school contract integration and management
  16. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor
Yu-Chu Luo
  1. Quota report to MOE for Hong Kong and Macau students (JUPAS and Single Enrollment)
  2. Quota report to MOE for Overseas Chinese Student 
  3. Scholarship for Overseas Chinese Students
  4. Application for counseling funds for overseas Chinese students and case completion
  5. Outbound Exchange program (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Korea
  6. InBound Exchange program (Korea)
  7. Tuition and miscellaneous fees for Korean exchange students, dormitory fee reciprocity, insurance and insurance claims.
  8. Assembles and assists in the delivery of Korea exchange generation report cards.
  9. Summer Camps (Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau)
  10. Korean Winter Break Temple Stay Announcement, Application, Tour Departure
  11. Visit and reception of sister schools in China
  12. Reception of visitors from Hong Kong and Macau
  13. Hong Kong/Macau Education Fair
  14. Overseas master program in Hong Kong
  15. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor
Chieh-I Lee
  1. Application, admission, admission, counseling, etc. for Mainland China degree students.
  2. School Administration Database
  3. Internal Control Operations
  4. OICA Meeting
  5. Monthly report consolidation
  6. International and Cross-Strait Affairs Conference
  7. School Meeting Proposals and Business Report Compilation
  8. Work-study management
  9. Unit Budget Control
  10. Information System Procurement and Implementation
  11. Teacher Exchange Grant
  12. Application for Overseas Chinese Students Work Permit
  13. Scholarship Disposal for Malaysian Outstanding Students
  14. MOE Program budget control
  15. E-document registration desk
  16. Sister Schools in China (Application, Dismissal and Closure of the Justleap Justleap Program of the Ministry of Education)
  17. The Ministry of Education's Scholarship for Dreaming/Shinan Fong's Scholarship for Dreaming program application, cancellation and closure.
  18. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor
International Cooperation and Exchange Center Direct
Prof. Hsin-Ju Liu
Integrated International Affairs
Hsi-Cheng Chih
  1. Foreign Degree Program Application, Admission, Admission, Counseling, etc.
  2. Counselling and recruitment of overseas Chinese students (outside Hong Kong and Macau)
  3. Airport Pick-up and drop-off services for overseas Chinese and foreign students.
  4. Apply for student ID cards for overseas Chinese students, take medical check-ups, pay tuition and miscellaneous fees, pay accommodation fees, etc.
  5. Outbound and Inbound Exchange Student Program (U.S.A.)
  6. Outplacement homework, orientation and counseling for exchange students (U.S. and Thailand)
    U.S. exchange student fees, dormitory fee reciprocity, insurance and insurance claims processing
  7. Assembling and assisting in sending outbound exchange generation report cards (USA, Thailand)
  8. Assignment, selection, and counseling for the U.S.-Taiwan Dual Degree Program at University of the West.
  9. Summer camp tour Announcement, Application and Departure (in USA)
  10. Maintaining the data management information system for foreign students in universities and colleges nationwide (for non-degree students)
  11. Refund of accommodation deposit for exchange students at the end of the counselling period
  12. Reception of International Sister School Visits and Visit Planning
  13. Overseas Education Fair and related recruitment schedule
  14. Integrateing Project from MOE
  15. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor
Chinese Language Instruction Center Direct
Prof. Xin-Xian Yu
+886-3-9313343  ext.301
Integrateing CLIC affairs
Pei-Chen Shen
  1. Planning for Chinese Language Classes
  2. Recruitment outside the country
  3. Student Counseling
  4. Chinese Teacher Training Course
  5. Education Department Optimizes Assessment
  6. Administrative Services Management
  7. Classroom Management
  8. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor
Bettina Lo
  1. Appointment of Chinese Language Teachers
  2. Ministry of Education's Big Hands Small Hands Program
  3. Ministry of Education Plowing Program
  4. Scholarship Business for Foreign Students
  5. Website Announcement
  6. Administrative Services Management
  7. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor