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2020 Study in Taiwan Trend Survey

  • 2020-03-23
The Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education

In order to understand the information channels and suggestions for overseas students studying in Taiwan, the Association will start the "2020 Study in Taiwan Trends Survey" from now on, inviting overseas students from colleges and universities across the country to fill out questionnaires online and participate in a lottery. Please your school encourages overseas students to actively participate in the community.
  1. From now on, the Association will hold the "2020 Study Abroad Trends Survey in Taiwan", inviting students from overseas colleges and universities across the country to fill out an online questionnaire.
  2. The activity method is described as follows:
    (1) Target participants: overseas students studying in domestic universities and colleges, including foreign degree students, overseas Chinese (including Hong Kong and Macao students), Chinese students, exchange students, students from the Chinese Language Center attached to the university, and Haiqing students.
    (2) Activity time: from now until April 15, 109 (Wednesday).
    (3) Questionnaire URL:
    (4) Lucky draw description: Foreign students will be eligible for the lottery after completing the questionnaire. After the event, the computer randomly draws the winners. The first prize is 1 Apple iPad Air (10.5 inches, WiFi-64GB), and the second prize is 2 AirPods (including charging box), and 50 participants will be provided with 100 yuan supermarket gift certificates. Winners must withhold the probability of winning tax according to law.
    (5) Announcement and prize collection: The list of winners will be announced on the official website of the Association before April 30, 109. After receiving the "Confirmation of Winning", the winners must fill in the confirmation form and attach the relevant information within 7 days from the notification date The data is returned to the Association, and the overdue or no reply shall be deemed to have been abandoned.
  3. Please refer to the attachment for the Chinese and English activities. Please help promote and encourage overseas students to participate actively. The information of this event can be inquired and downloaded on the official website of the Association (, or contact the contact person of this case, Zhang Yanxiu, Senior Commissioner, email:; Contact number 02-23222280 extension 112.