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The 7th New Residents and Their Children’s Dream Building Project Application Guide

  • 2020-11-26
Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior

Regarding the "Seventh New Residents and Their Children's Dream Building Project Application Guidelines", please help to promote and encourage active registration and participation. 

In order to continue to assist new residents and their children in fulfilling their dreams and to show the diversified types of new residents dreams, we encourage new residents to care about society and participate in public welfare activities, share with all walks of life through filming, and show their dedication and contribution to the family and their enthusiasm and energy for social participation. To increase the public's understanding and knowledge of new residents and their children, enhance the people's multicultural knowledge and ability, and in a lively way, let the public feel the government's intentions in caring for the new residents, and carry out the disclosure plan.
The plan has been transformed into five thematic groups this year, namely "Entrepreneurship and Marketing", "Education and Learning and Art", "Multimedia and Digital Technology", "Social Services" and "Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development" For each group, at least two new residents or their children must be the main applicants. The remaining members are not limited to nationals or foreigners. Each group can participate in at most 5 people. It is expected that 30 groups will be admitted. For details, please see the application manual.
The registration period for this case is from now until December 31, 109 (Thursday). The registration website is Please help transfer notifications and encourage eligible new residents to complete the project according to the limit. Online registration work, and send the registration form and plan to the "7th New Residents and Their Children Dreaming Project Activity Group" of the Department (Immigration Affairs Section), address: No. 15, Guangzhou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10066 5th Floor.
The application brochure, plan format and application form (as attached) have been placed on the Department’s Global Information Network ( and the New Resident Development Information Network (https://ifi In the "Latest News" section, if you have any related questions, please contact our contractor: Clerk Xu Yonghan, Tel: (02) 23889393, ext. 3507.