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【Announcements for students go back to home country durning summer vacation】

  • 2020-06-23
【Announcements for students go back to home country durning summer vacation】

Hello students, the current policy in Taiwan is that students with a valid residence permit can enter and leave Taiwan, but if they return to their home countries (e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.) and their residence permit expires, they cannot enter Taiwan.

We understand the feelings of parents and students, but there are still some realities to consider.

Our advice: It is too risky and we do not recommend you to return to your home country during the summer vacation.

However, if you have to return to your home country, you must consider and take the risk.

1. Temporary change in policy resulting you can't return to Taiwan.
2. High cost of isolation after entry.
3. Loss of residence permit(ARC) when you mail bcak to Taiwan.

If the validity of a residence permit (your ACR) expires between summer vacation, the following is the procedure for renewing a residence permit (ARC).

Take the students who returned to Malaysia as an example.

(1) Before you return to Malaysia, write a letter of entrustment to obtain a residence permit and find a agent (could be your classmate in Taiwan).

Download the "Letter of Attorney" and "Sample of Letter of Attorney".

(2) If you are in Malaysia, you can apply for an extension of your residence permit online one month before the expiry date of your permit. For example, if the application expires on 9/8, you can start to apply on 8/8.

3) After the application is completed, send the old residence permit (ARC) together with the payment receipt back to your agent in Taiwan.

(4) After your agent receives the residence permit and the receipt, he/she will bring them together with the letter of Attorney to the Immigration Office at the location specified in the original application. (All immigration offices in Taiwan, not limited to Yilan, can pick up the ARC, you can choose where you want to pick it up). Note that the letter of attorney must be signed by the applicant in his/her own handwriting, the original, not a photocopy, fax. The new card will be mailed to the applicant in Malaysia.

(5) Your Agent send the new card to the applicant in Malaysia.

(6) When you return to Taiwan at the end of the summer vacation, you must have a new residence permit and passport before you can enter Taiwan. (If you do not have a new residence permit, it is not recommended to buy a return flight ticket first.)

(7) When you enter Taiwan at the end of the summer vacation, you must be isolated for 1+14 days which is 15 days in total, and you will be asked isolated at a quarantine hotel. The total amount is about NT$1,800 for 1 day, including 3 meals, which is about $27,000 for 15 days. And this fee have to pay by students themselves.

Residence permit (ARC) online applicatioin instruction.

Shipping can be done by S.F. Express.(if you need) services/express_service/mainland_area/ standard_express_service/